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Hunger Games Icontest

Hunger Games Book and Movie Trilogy Icon Challenge Community

Hunger Games Icon Challenge Community
District 12
Posting Access:
Select Members , Moderated

Welcome to hunger_icontest, a brand new icon challenge community dedicated to the Hunger Games book and movie trilogy by Suzanne Collins!

Your moderator is djmustangsally. In addition to mod'ing here, I run trekicontest, sttos_stills and lookingback_ic.

This community has been formed following icontest and others like it. No copyright infringement is intended, nor is any profit being made by using any images related to The Hunger Games franchise.

Challenges will fall under these general categories:

- blanks or caps provided
- characters/pairings
- book/film specific
- lyrics or quotes
- themes
- icon technique

These will rotate weekly, not necessarily in this order.

Suggestions? Comment here with ideas.

PLEASE NOTE: hunger_icontest is on HIATUS through the rest of 2012. We will reconvene in 2013.

Special Challenge 1: Community Icons and Banners / Results / Banners

Challenge 1: Book Covers / Voting / Results / Banners
Challenge 2: Katniss / Voting / Results / Banners
Challenge 3: Survival / Voting / Results / Banners
Challenge 4: Actor Images / Voting / Results / Banners
Challenge 5: Hunger Games Book Text / Voting / Results / Banners
Challenge 6: Tributes / Voting / Results / Banners
Challenge 7: Negative Space / Voting / Results
Challenge 8: Official Trailer Images / Voting / Results
Challenge 9: Safe and Sound Lyrics / Voting / Results
Challenge 10: Artist's Choice / Voting / Results
Challenge 11: Peeta Mellark / Voting / Results
Challenge 12: Black and White / Voting / Results
Challenge 13: Repeating Images / Voting / Results
Challenge 14: Power / Voting / Results
Challenge 15: Capitol Residents / Voting / Results
Challenge 16: Movie Posters / Voting / Results
Challenge 17: Haymitch Quotes / Voting / Results
Challenge 18: Blended Images / Voting / Results
Challenge 19: Red / Voting / Results
Challenge 20: District 12 / Voting / Results
Challenge 21: Bravery / Voting / Results
Challenge 22: Groups / Voting / Results
Challenge 23: Love / Voting / Results
Challenge 24: Close Crop/Filled Space / Voting / Results
Challenge 25: Deep in the Meadow lyrics / Voting / Results
Challenge 26: Effie Trinket / Voting / Results
Challenge 27: Pain / Voting / Results


- New challenges are posted every Sunday and are open for one full week. Icons are due the following Sunday, 10 pm EST.

- Voting will open late Sunday or Monday. Voting is open until the following Friday evening, in which winners will be posted shortly after.

Provided there are enough entries, there will always be a first/second/third place winner, and a mod's choice (the Mockingjay Award). If there are too few entries, we will vote for Best Icon. Votes are weighed: first choice gets 3 points, second choice gets 2 points, and third choice gets 1 point.

I will always post a voting table, directly formatted from a table-making website AND a screencapped image of that exact table for voting. Sometimes the formatting is off, so I provide two images of the table so everyone is able to see the icons and vote. You need only vote ONCE.

Occasionally a special category or special challenge may be included as well.

The mod may participate as harmony033 (my regular LJ, for non-modly purposes). However, the mod will NEVER receive preferential treatment or the Mockingjay Award.

Challenge Rules

- All icons will be submitted by screened comment to the original challenge post.

- Please include icons in this format: image and URL.


Feel free to use this form to help you. Just replace URL with the direct link.

Icons must be uploaded to a site with direct linking (like Photobucket, tinypic, etc.).

- Members only may participate in challenges; anyone may vote. If you have an OpenID, just message the mod and you can participate.

- Do not post or use your icon until voting ends for anonymity purposes.

- Do not vote for your own icons. Do not get others to vote for you.

- Icons must fit LJ requirements: up to 100x100, 40kb, GIFs, PNGs, or JPGs.

- All icons submitted for challenges must be original creations for the specific challenge only.

- Only the mod has posting access.

- If you would like to take or use an icon, ask first. Post a comment on the icon's challenge entry post and the maker will be contacted.

- Always remember, this is for fun. No flames or otherwise rudeness, please. I'd like to keep this community open for anyone to participate in, so please, let's keep all text and images PG-rated.

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